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myFirst Camera Insta 2

myFirst Camera Insta 2

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Introducing the myFirst Camera Insta 2 - Where Magic Meets Photography for Kids!

12 Megapixels of Fun

Designed exclusively for kids aged 3 to 13, this camera lets your child explore the magic of immediate printing in just 10 seconds.

High-Quality Prints

Equipped with high-quality thermal printing paper to ensure your prints are crisp and vibrant.

Limitless Memories

Compatible with microSD cards up to 32GB, so your little adventurer can capture countless experiences.

Kid-Friendly Design

The lightweight design, complete with a lanyard and an additional selfie lens, ensures your youngster can enjoy snapping pictures from sunrise to sunset.

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myFirst is Kid-First.

We don't just design products for kids: we design products with kids in mind, focusing on increasing safety, creativity, and engagement with the world around them.

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Capture the Moments, Print the Memories

12MP Kid's Instant Print Camera with BPA-free Thermal Paper

Features At A Glance

myFirst Camera Insta 2 - Best Instant print camera for kids
myFirst Camera Insta 2 Instant print kids camera

Instant Print In 10 Seconds

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Instant print kids camera

Photos & Videos

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Instant print kids camera

High Quality BPA Free Thermal Paper

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Instant print kids camera

12MP Front & Selfie Camera

Technical Details


MODELmyFirst Camera Insta 2
Camera weight232g, 8.28oz
TF Card up to 32GB
Charging Time2.5 Hours
Battery capacity1500mAh
Photo resolution4032 x 2880
Video resolution1920 x 1080
Display2.4" Color IPS
Print Resolution203dpi
myFirst Camera Insta 2 - best instant print camera for kids

Camera Features

myFirst Camera Insta 2 - 2021 Best instant camera for kids
myFirst Camera Insta 2 USB Charging
myFirst Camera Insta 2 icon 1

1500mAh battery capacity

myFirst Camera Insta 2 icon 2

5 hours battery life

myFirst Camera Insta 2 icon 3

2 hours charging time

USB Charging & Support MicroSD

With a battery capacity of 1500mAh, it takes only 2 hours to charge from flat. The camera also can be connected to the computer to allow you to save or print your memories in color.

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Connect & Print Photo

BPA Free Thermal Print

Create vivid & clear photos without having to wait for them to dry. You can print out in just 10 seconds just by pressing the print button. With thermal printing technology, you no longer have to worry about refilling ink! The thermal paper roll can print about 50 sheets per roll.

myFirst Camera Insta 2 BPA Free Thermal Paper
myFirst camera Insta 2 12MP Front & Selfie Camera

12MP Front and Selfie Camera

The quality of our camera is reflected in our photos, printing from 3MP all the way up to 12MP. The camera is capable of taking 1920×1080 videos as well, to be saved to a microSD card.

Sharp Images with Fun Filter frames

Why take plain pictures when you can fit our custom frames to create stunning pics? Choose from a wide variety of pre-loaded picture frames. Your kid will be excited to no end!

myFirst Camera Insta 2 filters
myFirst Camera Insta 2 - Sticker Fun

Sticker Fun

Decorate your photos in a fun way when you select the filter functions. Black-and-white photographs can be reprocessed later, such as by coloring them, so you can develop your child's imagination while playing. In addition to ordinary thermal paper, roll paper that can be printed out is also available in a sticker type, so you can attach it wherever you like after decorating it.


myFirst Camera Insta 2 Photo timer
myFirst Camera Insta 2 Photo timer

Photo Samples Captured from myFirst Camera Insta 2

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Gallery


Insta 2 media review

Let's Answer Your Questions

Find myFirst Camera Insta 2 Here

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I adore the myFirst Camera Insta 2! It's the ideal camera for any occasion, from family gatherings to school events. My kids can instantly print and cherish their photos, creating precious keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.


As a dad, I love how the myFirst Camera Insta 2 encourages my kids' creativity. The instant printing feature lets them see the results right away and the selfie lens adds an extra fun element. It's a wonderful camera for them to explore their photography skills.

Better than Instax

The myFirst Camera Insta 2 is a fantastic device for my kids. They can capture their favorite moments with ease and the thermal printing feature is a unique touch. It's great to see them excited about photography and creating memories.

Printing pics right away!

The myFirst Camera Insta 2 is a game-changer for capturing and printing memories instantly! My kids love taking pictures and seeing them come to life on thermal paper in just 10 seconds. It's the perfect camera for creating lasting keepsakes.

Cool camera

This camera is a must-have for my little ones! With its easy-to-use features and the selfie lens, my kids can capture beautiful moments day or night. The 32GB microSD card ensures they have plenty of space for all their special memories.

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